The Top Movies and TV Shows About Psychics You Will Never Forget

Psychics are very interesting to watch and pay attention to. They have a unique talent to be able to sense extraordinary things that the usual person simply cannot pick up on. Not every psychic is the same, but they all stand out when it comes to that “sixth sense.” Their talents simply cannot be explained. 

This is one of the reasons psychics are popular in movie plots. The intrigue of their capabilities and the thrill of seeing whether or not their talents ring true draws you into the storyline. Check out these movies about psychics that you will never forget. You might just find something new to check out! 

1. Haunted Mansion

If you’re looking for a lighthearted find that could be fun for the whole family, check out the newest Haunted Mansion movie. In this movie, they purchase a mansion that turns out to be haunted. The family probably should have asked for a yes or no tarot reading to determine if they should just vacate the mansion. Instead, they work through a whole host of other shenanigans. 

The mother does everything she can to help clear the mansion of the number of scary occurrences, including hiring a psychic to get involved in the process. This is a family comedy-drama, so it’s not overly scary and brings in a lot of humor. 

2. Wednesday

Another new release that might catch your interest is the Wednesday series on Netflix. This is a series that came out last year, and it focuses on the character Wednesday from the Addams Family. In the series, Wednesday spends her time in classes trying to learn to master her psychic abilities. This falls into the fantasy category, but it integrates a lot of comedy into the plot as well. 

3. The Mentalist

The movie The Mentalist is all about a famous psychic who tells the world he is a fake. It’s a mystery and drama film with several twists. Part of the storyline is that after he outs himself, he turns to consultant work looking for a murderer. Do his psychic abilities show up even after he labeled himself a fraud? 

4. The Shining

The Shining is a timeless classic horror film pulled from Stephen King’s books. This movie came out in 1980, and it’s full of scary sequences and tales that you will certainly not forget anytime soon. In the movie, the father is violent, and the son is psychic. He sees a lot of scary scenes that involve the past and the future. The movie is full of action from start to finish. 

5. The Sixth Sense

You’ve probably heard of The Sixth Sense. This M. Night Shyamalan film stars Joel Osment and Bruce Willis in a thrilling story of a young boy who says he sees dead people. The young boy has psychic tendencies. The story leads the boy and man on a path that helps many people and also helps the adult reconcile a relationship. 

6. X-Men

How much do you know about X-Men? There is a series of TV shows and movies that are a spin-off of the classic comic book tales. The X-Men are full of people with unusual supernatural and physical powers. One of the X-Men is known for its psychic abilities, which we see come out in many different spots throughout the series. This movie is heavily about mutants who are just making a name for themselves and trying to do good in the world along the way. 

7. Ghost

Another timeless classic that simply cannot be forgotten is Ghost. This movie, starring Patrick Swayze, is a romance and drama combination about the murder of a young man and his attempts to warn his lover after his death. In the movie, a psychic gets involved to try to help plan for impending events and warn the lover, although the psychic knows the danger and tries hard not to get involved. 

8. Medium

This is another TV series, but it’s a good one that will leave you binging on episode after episode to see what happens next. In Medium, a mom works hard to balance her family with her psychic abilities. She uses her gifts to help solve mysteries and crimes. In most of the episodes, her visions come through dreams while she is sleeping, and then she wakes to save the day. Of course, there is plenty of mystery and drama in the plot. 

There are plenty of movies out there that portray psychics in some way. You can find comedy, drama, mystery, horror, and other genres that integrate psychic storylines for your viewing pleasure. Which will you watch first?