Room 237: Does ‘The Shining’ Prove Kubrick Faked The NASA Moon Landings?

Documentary ‘Room 237’ promises to change the way we see Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ forever – although it may drive us slightly mad with conspiracy theories in the process of doing so!

Horror fans will almost definitely be reaching for their copy of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic psychological horror film ‘The Shining’ this Halloween – after all, nothing quite says “pure terror” like the sight of Jack Nicholson with an axe.

But is the film REALLY just about a man driven to murderous insanity by his own personal demons? New documentary ‘Room 237’ has exposed all of the conspiracies and theories surrounding the film – and it does it extraordinarily well…

Director Rodney Ascher has interviewed a number of articulate, educated and seemingly sane individuals in his quest to get to the bottom of what Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ was really about.

And, in the process, he has unearthed theories of Kubrick’s involvement in the (apparently) faked NASA moon landings, a Holocaust movie in disguise, an explanation as to the genocide of the Native Americans, the hidden truth needed to solve the Kennedy assasination and ever so much more.

Zoinks! Whatever happened to it just being about Jack Nicholson going absolutely bonkers?

Ascher explained to The Guardian that, while he could simply have asked people working on the movie what ‘The Shining’ was really about – complete with all the hidden twists and quirks – he chose not to for one very simple reason:

“Even if you know the intention of the author, it doesn’t necessarily make sense of it all.”

We guess we’ll never know why Jack Nicholson’s typewriter changes colour midway through a scene, or a chair disappears, or why the ballroom would never actually FIT into the Overlook Hotel. Was there a hidden meaning behind it, as fans of the film avidly insist throughout ‘Room 237’, or was Stanley Kubrick just messing with us?

Either way, fans of ‘The Shining’ will DEFINITELY want to check this unsettling documentary out for themselves. It’s set to have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew for weeks, months and even years…

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