X-Men Days Of Future Past Poster Sparks Massive Backlash

A brand new trailer and poster for X-Men Days of Future Past were unveiled yesterday and while fans were going crazy for the all action teaser, there’s been some major backlash over the bizarre poster.

Marvel’s latest X-Men adventure brings back that all-star cast who for this movie, time travel into the 70s in order to stop an all out war. And with such a big cast it looks like the studio were keen to cram everybody onto the new poster, with laughably bad results.

Twitter fans have been busy debating the film art since it’s release yesterday with many taking aim at the poor photoshop skills. One major point which the designers seem to have missed is the fact that Professor X (played by the suave Sir Patrick Stewart) looks to have had a fiery mishap.

“X-Men DOFP Poster is so bad! Professor X sitting in a invincible magic flying hover chair farting fire #PoorPhotoshop”, one fan has tweeted.

What do you think of the new X-Men poster? (Marvel)

Another major criticism is the domination of J-Law. Despite Mystique being very much a supporting character in the new movie, Jennifer Lawrence is blown up to huge proportions and takes a prime place next to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, arguably the main character.

Out-sizing Magneto and Professor X, many fans have hit out at the designer’s obsession with highlighting the fact they have the It girl of the moment in their movie (Jennifer also features in the new trailer a lot!).

“The new X-Men poster is hilarious. It looks like Wolverine, Mystique, and Friends”, one disgruntled fan has tweeted.

Other gripes include the fact that Ellen Page seems to be the only one out of costume while another tweeter questions: “Why does Hugh Jackman look so angry at JLaw’s right boob in the new poster?”

One fan seems to have summed up the online opinion with: “To be fair, the new X-Men poster is only really bad if you look at it with your eyes”.