How strangers become couples through dating apps and video chats 

There’s a growing opinion that in our current reality online dating services are far from what they once were. Speaking objectively, there is some truth in this. Many people use these services completely thoughtlessly. For example, someone might open Tinder and “like” all the profiles they see in order to increase their chances of mutual attraction — a so-called “match”. But when this match really takes place, it’s most likely it will turn out that there’s absolutely nothing in common between these people. It's the same as walking up to a person on the street with your eyes closed and asking for a date. What are the chances that such an encounter will turn out to be successful? Most close to zero.

But how successful are online dating statistics in general these days?

Let's look at some statistics:

  • Only 13% of dating site and app users are looking for a serious relationship.
  • 48% of people use such platforms purely out of curiosity.
  • About 20% of people who are currently in a romantic relationship started it online.
  • Only 17% of modern marriages begin with online dating.

There’s no need to be an expert in sociology and statistics to understand that dating sites and apps are nowhere near as effective as marketers are trying to make us believe. And here a completely reasonable question arises: How, in this case, can you start a relationship with those who are not ready to meet offline, but at the same time understand that traditional web dating does not work as it should?

This is the question we will try to answer in this article!

If dating sites and apps aren't working, try random video chat

Random video chat refers to a service that connects random people via video. Depending on the chosen site, filters and search settings may be available to you, but basically the selection of chat partners is based on randomness.

Let’s take a look at a few popular video chat sites, and then we will explain why this format can be a great alternative to traditional web dating.

We can recommend the following video chat services: ChatRandom —  random video chat with gender and geographic filters, search for people by interest and built-in themed chat rooms for many participants, — video chat with an error-free gender filter, message translator, handy mobile apps, excellent moderation and its own affiliate program, Camsurf — random video chat with a gender filter, search for people by interest and additional paid features, Chatspin — video chat with a gender filter and AI masks for more anonymity, MUMU — video chat with strangers where you can find people near you, VChat — random video chat with a geographical filter, Monkey — online video chat in which you can communicate not only face to face, but also in pairs or groups.

As you can see, the choice of platforms is really very large. But we’ve listed only a small fraction of them. Even the most demanding user will find a random video chat that suits their needs and desires.

Now let's talk about why finding a soulmate in a video chat is a good idea.

How random video chat sites are taking online dating to a new level

If we compare random video chat sites with more traditional dating services, we see at least a few significant advantages:

  1. In a video chat communication is closest to face to face communication. On classic dating apps and websites, communication in most cases takes place via text chat, even though there are built-in video chat options. But texting will never give you a clear idea of a person, while video communication can. In video chat you see the other person and hear their voice, evaluate the manner of communication, and watch facial expressions and gestures, almost like in real life.
  2. There’s less risk of falling for the tricks of scammers. More than half the users of dating sites and apps confirm that they have encountered scammers. For dishonest people, online dating services are a very fertile ground. Many people are too gullible and are easily misled into building false hope for a romantic relationship. And, of course, communication with scammers almost always happens in text chat, because they do not want to show their face to a potential victim. Video chat is much safer in this regard, as you can see the person in front of you and understand how they behave.
  3. Video chat always gives you more options for less money. Modern dating sites and apps are expensive. Especially if you want to use all the features of a service. Some people spend hundreds of dollars a month just to use a dating platform without restrictions. Meanwhile, video chats are either completely free or offer additional features for much less money. The savings are significant!
  4. Anonymity and privacy in video chats at higher levels. Most video chat apps do not even require registration. You do not need to share personal information, tell about yourself, upload photos, and so on. Therefore, anonymity and confidentiality are really at a higher level. But that doesn't mean you can completely relax. Always follow the basic rules of internet security.
  5. Video chat audiences tend to be more active and sociable. If a person is online in a video chat, then by default they are available for communication. While if they just have a profile on a dating service, it doesn't mean anything. Perhaps they once registered here out of curiosity and forgot about it a long time ago. So if you’re interested in communication here and now, random video chat can be a much more attractive option.

Of course, you must remember that not every user is looking for a serious relationship in video chat either. Many people just enjoy spending their leisure time — they don't have romantic plans. So if the person is attractive to you, you should make sure they are serious, and if not, don't be too intrusive.

So what to choose — a dating service or random video chat?

It’s impossible to predict exactly where you’ll meet your future soulmate. It can be either a video chat or a dating app. More than that, a meeting with destiny can await you in a completely unexpected place — on a social network, on some themed forum or even on a news portal where you simply leave comments and communicate with other commenters.

Be that as it may, we would not suggest completely abandoning the classic online dating services in favor of random video chats. These are quite different formats, each with its own advantages and disadvantages to deal with. An ideal platform for finding your soulmate simply does not exist.

Granted, today not so many marriages happen exactly as a result of online dating. But the number of those is increasing every year. What's even more interesting is that online relationships tend to be stronger. The share of divorces among online couples is 6%, and among offline couples — 8%. Of course, this difference is not huge but it is impossible to deny it exists. Therefore, online dating shouldn't be dismissed. Perhaps your next meeting on the web will be truly fateful.