Songs about loneliness & feeling alone

List of the best Songs about loneliness & feeling alone released in 2017 and earlier.

Is there a more universal feeling than loneliness? From time to time, and some more often than others, we feel like were utterly alone in this world. But thankfully, there are a ton of songs written about the subject that will make you feel less alone for at least three minutes..

Are You Lonesome Tonight(1960)

Elvis Presley

Night So Long(2017)


All to Myself(2017)

Amber Coffman

So Lonely(1978)

The Police

The Boxer(1970)

Simon & Garfunkel

She’s Out of My Life(1979)

Michael Jackson

Your New Twin Sized Bed(2008)

Death Cab for Cutie

Nobody Knows(1996)

Kevin Sharp

Careless Whisper(1984)

George Michael

Save Me(2011)

Ryan Adams

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