Songs about happiness & being happy

List of the best Songs about happiness & being happy released in 2017 and earlier.

Tons of songs deal with longing, melancholy, pain and loneliness. But what about the perfect soundtrack for euphoria? You’ll surely enjoy a few of these tunes if you (want to) feel like the world is yours today!

Friday I’m in Love(1992)

The Cure

Walking on Sunshine(1985)

Katrina & the Waves

Merry Happy(2007)

Kate Nash

So happy I could die(2009)

Lady Gaga

Don’t Stop Me Now(1978)



Pharrell Williams

Happy Up Here(2009)


Happy Together(1967)

The Turtles

Happy Idiot(2014)

TV on the Radio

(Feels Like) Heaven(1983)

Fiction Factory


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

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