How child care centers can use films in their educational program

Film has become a powerful medium that can entertain, inspire and educate us. Movies have the unique ability to combine images, stories and sounds to convey a message in a way that stays with us for a long time. So it is no surprise that films are increasingly being used as an educational tool!

There are numerous advantages to using films in educational settings. Of course movies are visually appealing and can easily hold children's attention. This helps them concentrate better and understand the content of the film. Films can present complex topics in an accessible way, so that children can gain new knowledge and insights.

A broader perspective

Another advantage of using movies is that they can give children a broader perspective. By watching different types of films, children can learn about different cultures, traditions and ideas. This helps them develop tolerance and understanding of others, in addition to stimulating their creativity and imagination.

As a parent, you can incorporate the use of movies into your children's learning experience if you choose educational movies. Make sure the movies you select are educational and appropriate for your children's ages. Consider movies that convey facts, values or positive messages. After watching a movie, take time to talk with your children about what they saw. Ask for their opinions, let them share what they learned, and encourage them to ask questions.

Tips for using films in childcare facilities

Always choose films that are relevant to the curriculum. Select films that align with the educational program and learning goals of the child care facility. In this way, you can use films to highlight specific topics, themes or skills. Afterwards, try using a film as a springboard for activities. For example, organize a craft afternoon after watching a film about art, or a crafting session after seeing a movie about animals. This will enhance the film experience and help children learn in an interactive way.

Also, make sure that staff is adequately trained to use films in an effective and educational way. The staff at this daycare in Seton is trained properly, this includes selecting appropriate films, creating teaching materials and facilitating discussions with the children.

Which movies offer a broader perspective?

There are a couple of movies which really offer a broader perspective. Such as the Toy Story series, where the secret world of toys is brought to life. The movies are about friendship and the inevitable changes that come with growing up. Children learn the value of loyalty, the essence of true friendship, and how complex relationships can get through characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The series shows kids themes of abandonment, acceptance, and the bittersweet nature of growing up.

Another cool movie for kids is Zootopia

An interesting story set in a city inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, where a rabbit police officer and a fox con artist team up to uncover a conspiracy. The film is available on several streaming platforms and addresses prejudice, tolerance, and the importance of challenging societal stereotypes, making it a relevant and thought provoking watch.

Through humor and engaging storytelling, it encourages children to experience diversity, practice empathy, and understand that everyone has the potential to be more than societal labels dictate.

Finding Nemo is more than just a search-and-rescue mission!

This movie is all about not giving up. It tells the story of Marlin, a clownfish who is often worried, as he goes on a big adventure across the ocean to find his son. Along the way, Marlin and Nemo meet many different characters. These meetings show us that working together and trusting each other can help overcome any differences. The movie really celebrates how strong family bonds are and how far love can take us. It's a touching story that people of all ages can enjoy, even the teachers!