Celebrity Spotting – Finding Stars in Hollywood

It’s not every day you get to see your favorite celebrities walking down the street. In fact, most people probably will never get the opportunity to meet any celebrities, whether they are singers or movie stars. That’s why fans will flock to Los Angeles to try and catch a glimpse of their favorite entertainer.


Since Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world, you have more chances of spotting a celebrity than anywhere else. Famous people like the Kardashians and Leonardo DiCaprio live in parts of LA, and they’re always out and about.


But if you want to know where the best spots are to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity, then keep reading. We’ve provided the best places to visit where famous folks hang out regularly.

Go Hiking in Runyon Canyon

Most people believe that celebrities only hang out at clubs or exclusive venues. But that’s not always true. There are some famous people who love the outdoors and use their free time to go running in nearby parks or hiking in different parts of LA.


So, if you want to catch a star in public, you may want to try looking at quieter outdoor places like Runyon Canyon. There are plenty of trails in Runyon Canyon that allow you to see the natural side of LA. It would be a bonus if you bumped into someone famous.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of LA’s most famous and oldest hotels. It was built in 1927 and was a popular hangout for famous stars in the Golden Era like Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe.


Today, the hotel is still a popular hangout destination for celebrities who travel to LA for movie shoots or auditions. You may spot a famous star sitting at the hotel’s bar or relaxing at the swimming pool.

Restaurants Where Celebrities Hang Out Often

The rich and famous live the high life, which means they don’t have to stay at home and cook their own food. Most celebrities prefer to eat at popular restaurants around LA. Dan Tana’s is a popular place to visit as it serves Italian favorites and cocktails. You may spot someone like Justin Bieber hanging at the bar or having a meal with his wife.

Big Bus Celebrity Homes and Lifestyle Tours

If you don’t see any celebrities in the places we’ve mentioned so far and you don’t know where else to look, you can always try a celebrity bus tour. You can experience private guided tours or go with a group of people.


These bus tours take fans around popular hotspots around LA, where celebrities hang out regularly. Additionally, there are some tours that may take you past the homes of famous people. While you won’t be allowed on the property, you’ll get to see the outside of their homes, and you may even spot a star hanging out outside.


There are bus tours that operate five days a week and offer 2-hour trips around Hollywood so you can get to see where your favorite stars live.

Shop at the Same Spots Celebrities Do

Not all celebrities have their assistants to do their shopping for them, especially when it comes to fashion and accessories. Stars may go out shopping for new outfits or accessories regularly to prepare for vacations or traveling.


Larchmont Village is an area where most celebrities live, and it’s not far from Paramount Studios. You may find many celebrities like Megan Fox and Emma Roberts around this area. Christina Ricci has also been spotted buying beauty products at Larchmont Beauty Center.


Robertson Boulevard shopping district is home to shops like Intermix and Chanel. Famous stars like Ben Stiller and Paris Hilton have been spotted shopping in the area. Paparazzi are always on the lookout to take pictures of celebrities going in and out of shops.

Get Your Hair Done at Chris McMillan

It’s important to look your best when you’re out and about in LA town. And that’s why most celebrities get their hair done at Chris McMillan. This famous hairstylist is known for his creation of Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut in the show ‘Friends’.


So if you want to get your hair done and see a famous face at the same time, you may want to go to Chris’ salon. Chris is also a celebrity himself, so maybe you’ll be lucky to have him work on your hair.

Final Thoughts

LA is home to many famous faces, but they’re not always going to visit the same spots. Use this article as a guide so you can get to see your favorite stars the next time you visit Hollywood.