Best movies & tv shows about Native Americans to watch so far in 2017

For a very long time, Native Americans were depicted in the most infantile, disrespectful way thinkable. In western movies, the ‘Injun’ was usually portrayed as vile and savage. It wasn’t until the 1960’s this started to change. From then on, filmmakers started to recognize the often harsh circumstances under which a lot of Native Americans lived, which in turn led to a eruption of movies that sought recognition.

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Native Americans', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Native Americans-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

New 2017 movies to watch right now

Movies categorized under 'Native Americans' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Hostiles


05 Jan 2018
by Scott Cooper

Army Captain Joseph J. Blocker has to bring Yellow Hawk to spend his last, dying breath with his tribe...... Read more

Picture of Wind River

Wind River

18 Aug 2017
by Taylor Sheridan

Some young men and women have disappeared from Wind River Indian Reservation and no one has started..... Read more

The Best movies & tv series about Native Americans of the last decade

    Picture of Savaged


    06 Mar 2015
    by Michael S. Ojeda

    Maria is trying to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend, so she gets a job house-sitting and gets a dog to keep..... Read more

    Picture of The Revenant

    The Revenant

    08 Jan 2016
    by Alejandro González Iñárritu

    Hugh Glass is injured in a bear attack. His hunting team leaves, thinking he’s dead, and Hugh must..... Read more

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