Best movies & tv shows about Mermaids to watch so far in 2017

Even though it’s not necessarily a GOOD movie, many people hold dear memories of ‘Splash’, that clumsy 1984 comedy about a young Tom Hanks falling in love with a mermaid. In 1989, The Walt Disney Studios released ‘The Little Mermaid’, based on Hans Christian Anderson beloved fairytale. Ever since, we haven’t seen that many mermaids on the big screen…

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Mermaids', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Mermaids-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

The Best movies & tv series about Mermaids of the last decade

    Picture of Ponyo


    14 Aug 2009
    by Hayao Miyazaki

    Ponyo is a princess trapped in the body of a goldfish. She meets 5-year old Sosuke, who embarks on a..... Read more

    Picture of Aquaman


    21 Dec 2018
    by James Wan

    After learning that he is the heir to an underwater kingdom, Arthur Curry must step up to the plate to lead..... Read more

    Picture of The Mermaid

    The Mermaid

    08 Feb 2016
    by Stephen Chow

    Xuan’s project threatens the livelihood of the mermaids. When Shan is sent to stop him, they fall in..... Read more

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