Best movies & tv shows about Friendship to watch so far in 2017

Typically, movies depict either romantic relationships or family relationships. For some reason, friendships never really appealed to audiences. This started to change in the 1980’s. Films like ‘The Big Chill’ (1983) and TV serials like ‘Friends’ (1994-2004) spoke to people on so many levels. Ever since, a growing amount of movies and TV shows evolving around friendships started to emerge. This list features our very favorites of the last couple of years.

Find the latest tv shows & movies related to 'Friendship', released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The best Friendship-related movies & series released so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

New 2017 series to watch right now

Original series categorized under 'Friendship' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Run Coyote Run

Run Coyote Run

by Gustavo Loza

The story is a humorous take on illegal immigration and human trafficking into US. Two estranged friends..... Read more

Picture of Friends from College

Friends from College

by Francesca Delbanco, Nicholas Stoller

A group of friends in their forties share a nostalgic relationship of their days spent in college as they..... Read more

The Best movies & tv series about Friendship of the last decade

    Picture of 50/50


    30 Sep 2011
    by Jonathan Levine

    A brilliant bromance movie about a 27-year old guy battling a rare form of cancer. With the help of his..... Read more

    Picture of The Big Chill

    The Big Chill

    30 Sep 1983
    by Lawrence Kasdan

    A group of old college friends attend their friend’s funeral, and then all gather together at a..... Read more

    Picture of The Secret Life of Us

    The Secret Life of Us

    by John Edwards, Amanda Higgs

    The story revolves around a bunch of people, living in St. Kilda. It depicts the everyday dramas in life of..... Read more

    Picture of Asfur


    by Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon

    Four friends live at a farm in the center of Jerusalem. Their land is worth millions of dollars but their..... Read more

    Picture of Wu lin wai zhuan

    Wu lin wai zhuan

    by N/A

    A comic series that revolves around the everyday lives and interactions of few friends who reside in Qixia..... Read more

    Picture of Bitange i princeze

    Bitange i princeze

    by N/A

    The everyday life and interactions of five young people who happen to live in the same building and gather..... Read more

    Picture of Daam


    by N/A

    Potrays the story of two close friends Zahra Hidayatullah and Maliha Sami. The friendship stands its test..... Read more

    Picture of Entourage


    by Doug Ellin

    The show depicts the interactions and adventures of film star Vince who is new to the celebrity fame and..... Read more

    Picture of Girls


    by Lena Dunham

    A comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s.

    .. Read more

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