Best Thriller movies & tv shows

There are not that many great thriller movies & tv series that can get the suspense just right. So many different things have to come together to create the perfect atmosphere for a perfect thriller. It really is a team effort because you will need excellent sound design, a terrific soundtrack & sweeping visuals to support the acting and the screenplay. Ideally you are also emotionally invested in the character to so that you can truly experience the characters fear or paranoia. But many filmmakers, like Christopher Nolan, have proven that you don’t even need that great a story, and that you can let the other ingredients to their work Take Dunkirk for example, that is all about suspense without an actual story. It gives you an almost physical experience of the movie that is thrilling, and incredibly suspenseful. Here we have got thriller movies & tv shows like that, but also films that are more of an emotionally invested psychological thriller flick.

Find the latest Thriller movies & tv shows released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. Entertainmentwise has listed the best movies & series in the Thriller genre in no particular order.
Picture of Martha Marcy May Marlene
Picture of The Riverman
Picture of The Deliberate Stranger
Picture of HHhH
Picture of The Gift
Picture of Ingrid Goes West
Picture of Unforgettable
Picture of Gamer
Picture of 30 Days of Night
Picture of Insomnia
Picture of Oldboy
Picture of Amant Double
Picture of The Snowman
Picture of The Shield
Picture of Top of the Lake