Best Action movies & tv shows to watch so far in 2017

If you want to get an adrenaline rush, you watch action movies & tv shows. For eery stuff you watch horror, and for suspense you should watch a thriller. But just because an action movie should get your blood pumping, does not necessarily mean it has to do just that. We have selected great action movies & tv shows that work on multiple levels, but that are sure to have plenty of action.

Find the latest Action movies & tv shows released in 2017, 2016 and earlier. Entertainmentwise has listed the best Action movies & series so far. Foreign movies & series & American Hollywood productions.

New 2017 Action movies to watch right now

Movies categorized under 'Action' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Baywatch

Baywatch (25 May 2017)

Directed by Seth Gordon
Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario
Summer |

Captain Mitch Buchannon is looking to beef up his roster of lifeguards. Together with the newbies, they..... Read more

Picture of Raees

Raees (25 Jan 2017)

Directed by Rahul Dholakia
Raj Arjun, Shubham Chintamani, Shubham Tukaram, Dhanveer

Raees was able to rise from being a bootlegger to a powerful force in society. But can he escape his..... Read more

New 2017 series to watch right now

Original TV Series categorized under 'Magic Powers & Super Powers' released in 2017 so far as well as upcoming releases.

Picture of Iron Fist

Iron Fist

by Scott Buck, M. Raven Metzner

A young man, equipped with exceptional martial arts skills is blessed with a mystical force ‘Iron..... Read more

Picture of Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan

by Adam Cozad, David Koepp, Tom Clancy (based on characters created by)

A young man enlists as a marine but an attack forces him out of the service. He is assigned to monitor..... Read more

Picture of Revancha


by Juan Manuel Olmedo (creator), Felipe Silva

After executing a heist, an ex-con plans to flee with his girlfriend but plans go awry and he is forced to..... Read more

Picture of Dead Rising

Dead Rising

by Tim Carter

A group of normal people is trapped in a Zombie infested town and they have to fight for their..... Read more

Picture of Ransom


by Frank Spotnitz, David Vainola

The plot revolves around the actions and interactions of two partners who are top negotiators in the..... Read more

Picture of Run Coyote Run

Run Coyote Run

by Gustavo Loza

The story is a humorous take on illegal immigration and human trafficking into US. Two estranged friends..... Read more

Picture of Inhumans


by Scott Buck

In a world where extraordinary is looked upon with fear, a community of Superhumans strives to protect..... Read more

Picture of Legion


by Noah Hawley

A schizophrenic youth has a strange experience that changes his life forever as he gains special..... Read more

Picture of The Punisher

The Punisher

by Steve Lightfoot

Frank Castle dedicates his life to fight crime in his own way after the murder of his family. He considers..... Read more

Picture of Zona


by Luis Arranz, Andrés M. Koppel

The story highlights a rescue mission organized by Spanish army to safeguard the crew of UN security force..... Read more

The Best Magic Powers & Super Powers movies & tv series of the last decade

    Picture of X-Men: First Class

    X-Men: First Class

    03 Jun 2011
    by Matthew Vaughn

    Travel back to a time before the X-Men were the X-Men. Before they were enemies, Professor X and Magneto,..... Read more

    Picture of Gods of Egypt

    Gods of Egypt

    26 Feb 2016
    by Alex Proyas

    Bek, a mortal, teams up with the god Horus to fight against Set. They hope to bring Egypt out of the..... Read more

    Picture of Event Horizon

    Event Horizon

    15 Aug 1997
    by Paul W.S. Anderson

    The starship “Event Horizon” once mysteriously disappeared, but has now returned. A group of..... Read more

    Picture of Oldboy


    21 Nov 2003
    by Chan-wook Park

    Oh Dae-Su is abducted and wakes up in a hotel room. He is imprisoned for fifteen years and is finally..... Read more

    Picture of Prófugos


    by N/A

    Four fugitives try to evade the law as they run from North to South of Chile after a failed drug deal.

    .. Read more

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