Zoe Kravitz on Celebrity Gossip: “It’s Bizarre To Me”

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Zoe Kravitz has hit out at the tabloids. The actress admits she finds celebrity gossip “bizarre” and doesn’t like constant speculation, especially when it comes to her love life because she feels it is no one else’s business. Zoe says she doesn’t understand why people are so focused on gossip:

 “Yeah. I don’t like it. It’s bizarre to me that people spend so much time talking about other people they don’t even know. There’s a lot more stuff to pay attention to rather than who I’m going to dinner with.”

Speaking on her unique personal style, Zoe says she’s loving a 70s inspired look at the moment and likes finding original items:

“I’m into a ’70s feel right now. I’ve been wearing a lot of blues, bell-bottoms, sweatshirts, and stuff, kind of like Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday. I go to a lot of vintage stores, a lot of flea markets. I love finding one-of-a-kind treasures.”

The actress reveals that her famous father Lenny is so proud of her and excited for her career:

“He’s very proud and very excited whenever I do anything. He takes pictures and asks questions. It’s very sweet.”

On her love of action films, Zoe says she thinks they’re really fun to be a part of:

“When I think of girls in superhero films, I think of girls that I don’t look like. But that’s changing a bit, which is awesome. And they’re really fun to make, honestly.”

Photo: PRPhotos