Zayn Malik’s Sister ‘Told Off By Band Bosses As She’s Forced To Take Unofficial Merchandise Site Down’

Zayn Malik’s sister has definitely worked out a way to cash in on her brother’s worldwide fame – by selling 1D merchandise! However, she’s now been contacted by band bosses and been forced to take the unofficial site down. Uh-oh!

Psychology student Doniya was making extra cash by flogging handmade One Direction merch that she had decorated with the band’s logo, according to The Sun.

However, Mr. Cowell soon intervened and she was forced to delete her Sparkle Rock Chick webpage after being contacted by bosses.

A source said: “Doniya had no idea she was doing anything wrong.”

“She was mortified when she heard it was a problem and took the site down immediately.”

Items on her site included clothes plastered with messages such as “The Next Mrs HARRY STYLES”.

Zayn Malik belts out the 1D hits on tour (Photo: WENN)

Zayn’s mother has also been in the news this week, opening up about Zayn’s childhood behaviour, admitting that she had to take him to see a doctor because he was so hyper.

Trisha Malik, his mother, revealed on Twitter this evening that she was concerned at how hyperactive the One Direction singer was as a tot.

She wrote: “Something funny about Zayn – I took him to the doctors when he was little because he was so hyper!”

Oddly, Zayn now seems like one of the calmer members of the five-piece!

Mrs M later added: “1D fans are definitely the best x” – a comment that was met with hundreds of approving retweets by Directioners.