Zayn Malik’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Ferguson opens up about their relationship

Zayn Malik has been with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards for so long that a lot of people have probably forgot that he even dated anyone else in the public eye prior to that. Well, now his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Ferguson has reminded everyone of just that. The 28-year-old, who was also an X Factor contestant with One Direction, is now opening up about her former flame.

The pair dated back in 2011, and Rebecca has told Sugarscape that she actually enjoyed their relationship.

“I very much like to think ‘live and let live’ and I wish Zayn well. I hope he is happy. I am not one to look back on the past in a negative way,” she reveals. “At one point it was really lovely being with him, so I wish him all the best.”

Rebecca Ferguson opens up about Zayn Malik (Rocky/

The couple were only together for a few months, and soon broke up after their time on The X Factor and the promotional tour ended. That year, One Direction finished 3rd, while Rebecca Ferguson finished in 2nd place. Since then, Zayn has dated Perrie Edwards since 2012, and the two got engaged in August 2013.

Of course Rebecca has heard about Zayn’s engagement. If she hadn’t, then we’d probably assume she’s been living under a rock. Thankfully she hasn’t been rock dwelling, and is actually happy for Zayn. She’s actually incredibly proud of One Direction’s success too.

“I hear he is engaged, so I hope he’s looking forward to getting married. I’m so proud of One Direction, Zayn has done so well and they’re all really loving life,” she added.

Zayn has grown up quite a bit since his relationship with Rebecca (Lia Toby/

Rebecca is actually especially proud of Harry. She admits she was impressed when she saw all of the big name celebrities who attended Harry’s 21st Birthday party.

“They have Hollywood stars at their parties – when I saw the photos at Harry’s 21st last month I was like ‘wow, go Harry.’ It’s lovely to watch their success ,” she admitted.

Maybe she should have dated Harry instead?

This might not be all that Rebecca has to say about Zayn and One Direction though. According to The Mirror, Rebecca will give more details in her new book.

Either way, she has apparently moved on from that era in her life. Her new album Lady Sings The Blues just came out, and she seems ready to focus on her new music instead of her love life. She is currently traveling the world promoting her new album, and even recently spent time in China.