Zayn Malik On His Battle With Smoking ‘It’s Proving Difficult To Quit’

From his tattooed body to his secret smoking, Zayn Malik is definitely the bad boy of One Direction and while he admits he has tried to quit the cigarettes he is reportedly finding it harder than he thought.

With October being ‘Stoptober’, the 28-day challenge to stop smoking launched by the NHS we thought Zayn would be giving up the ciggies for good but the 1D hunk, who started smoking when he was 15, claims he finds it difficult and worries for his health. “At the moment I’m probably on about eight or nine a day,” he told Fabulous magazine.

“It’s proving difficult [to give up],” he admitted, “hopefully I’ll stop soon. I just don’t want it to affect my health. When I get older I don’t want to be one of those dad that can’t jog through the park without running out of breath after 10 minutes”.

Zayn admitted he was inspired to give up after hearing how Colin Farrell managed to kick the habit.

“I was watching the Jonathan Ross show the other night and Colin Farrell was on there and he wrote a letter to tobacco about a year and a half ago saying it’s been great, thank you for being there through the good times and the bad but someone else needs you,” he explained.

“And then he burn his letter on the cooker and got rid of it.”

One thing he won’t give up is his tattoos. The One Direction hunk has eight inkings and reckons that, despite his mum’s dislike for them, they look pretty cool.

Zayn Malik shows off one of his many tattoos (WENN)

“Mum’s don’t really like tattoos. And she’s a bit like: ‘When you’re older what are you gonna do?’” he said, “but I think when I’m an older bloke they’ll still look cool.”

Speaking of why he had so many the ‘One Thing’ singer said: “I think it’s just part of growing up and getting that identity as an individual.”