Zac Efron Won’t Be Following Girlfriend Vanessa Into The Pop Charts

It seems High School Musical 3 may be the last time pretty boy Zac Efron serenades audiences as the actor admits he’s not set for pop stardom.

The teen heartthrob told a US publication that singing isn’t something he could see himself doing in the future.

And dancing definitely isn’t his favourite past time either.

Zac told OK!, “I don’t think I could contribute something to the industry that wouldn’t be something you’ve seen before.”

He added, “I do not know why people ever did [ballroom dancing]?

“It is so unbelievably hard. I thought: ‘Was this really classed as fun?’ It was so difficult to learn.

“Luckily Vanessa [Hudgens] is so easy to dance with. She kind of leads me. She made it a lot easier but we practiced a lot.”

Zac is warming up his pipes for the third instalment of HSM out in October.