Zac Efron Tries To Channel Robert Pattinson

Has Zac Efron got a case of the green eyed monster going on? The High School Musical actor seems to be finding it hard to relinquish his Hollywood hotty crown to Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.

And how is Zac dealing with the situation? By dressing and doing his hair like Rob of course!

At yesterday’s ESPY awards in Los Angeles, Zac channelled the gorgeous Twilight actor, complete with coloured suit (Rob wore maroon to the US premiere of Eclipse) and messy, quiffed hair

The whole look seemed completely bizarre on clean cut Zac and clearly didn’t come as naturally as it does to the slightly scruffy Rob.

He even tried to mimic Rob’s body language, running his hands through his hair!

Our advice? Stick to your traditional suits and slicked back hair, Zac. We prefer you that way!