Zac Efron Confesses Biggest ‘Nightmare’: Working Shirtless At Abercrombie & Fitch

Zac Efron goes shirtless throughout much of his new movie Neighbors, but one of those scenes, set at a major clothing store, had him fearing for his future.

“The second day of filming was Abercrombie and Fitch,” Zac told MTV News, referring to the half-naked models/guides at the front of the retail stores. “I was standing there going, f–k this is my nightmare. This is very well what could happen to me some day.”


His co-star Seth Rogen quipped, “It was a little too real.”

The High School Musical star wasn’t alone in his chest baring on set. The not-so-chiseled Seth went sans shirt for his character a lot, too.

“I’m shirtless more in the movie than I wish I was!” Seth said. “The ratio is off, the Zac to Seth shirtlessness. It’s like, one to one. That’s not what you want. It should be 50 to one!”

No one would argue with that assessment.

Back on the Abercrombie set, Seth accompanied Zac in the scene without his shirt on. Zac was appreciative.

“And then Seth was there, and it was cool,” Zac said, although this scenario flipped the tables for the This Is The End star.

“Then it became my nightmare,” Seth added.

The not-so-enjoyable scene for the actors continued when normal people started to shop in the store, but when Zac and Seth tried to invite them in the customers weren’t so enthused.

“Real people were walking by, and Seth and I were trying to get them into the store… Nobody was coming into the store!” Zac said laughing.

Seth might not be much to look at with his shirt off, but who’s going to turn down shopping with Zac as the shirtless guide?

Neighbors premieres May 9.