Zac Efron Broke His Jaw During Bizarre Sex Incident, Say Co-Stars (WATCH)

Zac Efron may have claimed that his broken jaw was a result of a bad fall, last month, but the actor’s That Awkward Moment co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan have now said that the real reason Efron broke his jaw was down to a bizarre sex accident. Say what?!

Zac had to have his jaw wired shut in November and because he couldn’t talk in the recent clip, Miles and Michael revealed all to the viewers.

The High School Musical hunk claimed he “slipped on a puddle”, but in the video released earlier this week, the comedians revealed the “truth” and despite clearly joking, Zac couldn’t hit back because his jaw wouldn’t open!

Efron’s co-stars said: “Zac was at home with a girl, giving her the worst sexual experience of her life — absolute worst,” they say.

“But she was getting into it, until she realized that you were finished, so early. And this poor girl’s pent up sexual energy, which you failed to satisfy, made her angry. So she picked up a book, a heavy book, and slammed it into your beautiful face.”

Zac has now fully recovered and will no doubt be keen to set the record straight soon enough.

Check out the hilarious video below: