X Factor’s Daniel Is No Doting Dad

X Factor favourite Daniel De Bourg has been accused of completely fabricating his image as a doting dad to boost his popularity.

The mother of his three-year-old son Theron, which Daniel showed off on the show, says the singer originally demanded she undergo an abortion then refused to offer her any financial assistance.

Rachel Sharpe, 26, tells the News Of The World, “I’m livid! Daniel wanted me to get rid of our baby when I told him I was pregnant.

“And for almost three years he did nothing to help me. I had to work my arse off to bring up Theron without him.

“But now he’s trying to portray himself as a caring single dad and paint a halo over himself. He has no right to use my son to boost his TV career.”

Is it fair Daniel even gets a chance on the X Factor? He’s already released one flop album despite working with R&B legend R Kelly.