X Factor’s Christopher Maloney Denies ‘Storming Out Of Filming With Robbie Williams’

Speculation surrounding X Factor star Christopher Maloney has suggested that the contestant is a ‘diva’ backstage and these reports were proven to be thought to be the case after Chris apparently ‘upped and left unannounced’, missing a planned masterclass with Robbie Williams as a result.

However, the singer has now DENIED that this is the case, saying he ‘had the afternoon off’. Speaking on last night’s Xtra Factor, Chris decided to set the record straight, revealing that he had permission to go home.

“That wasn’t true,” he said of the reports. “I did go to see my family because my nanna has not been very well so I went back, but I had the afternoon off.”

Chris also revealed that he had had a difficult week leading up to Saturday night’s show.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, he said: “One of my best friends had a miscarriage, my nan hasn’t been well and all this diva stuff is still going on in the papers.”

“It’s hard to keep my spirits high,” he added. “I feel down but I’m trying to keep my focus.”

And this wouldn’t be the first time that bosses have had trouble with Gary Barlow’s contestant. Earlier this month it was revealed that Chris had a chat with producers after they saw him being rude to a member of staff.

An insider claimed to The Sun: “Christopher is not making many friends. He was out of line with a researcher and he’s been warned by top brass that he needs to wind his neck in or he’ll get the shove.”

What do we think readers? Does Chris need to take his behaviour down a notch?

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