X Factor USA Will Have TWO Presenters

Simon Cowell has confirmed the reports that the new season of the X Factor USA will have two presenters.

Having decided  to have two presenters in the first season, plans soon changed when Simon sacked Cheryl Cole and got Nicole, who had been given the job of presenting with Steve Jones, to replace her.

Revealing that the job as a presenter on the show is much harder than it looks, Simon, who refused to confirm or deny, who would be joining him and L.A. Reid on the panel, told us:

“There will be two (presenters). What we’ve learnt on the show is you’ve got so much information you’ve got to relay as one person now and I think it’s almost impossible now to have one person doing the hosting job.

Steve presented the first season all by himself!

“You’ve got to give out so much information on TV now, telephone lines, the integration of sponsors, they’re like news casters now these hosts. There’s a much bigger role, I think there’s a much more fun way of doing it with two people so that they can be in different parts of the studio throughout the show and I think you’re going to see a different chemistry with two people.”

The media mogul added: “I always wanted a boy and a girl to host the show and I think that’s definitely going to happen now. I think its going to make it more interesting and I doubt that the people they’re hiring are hosts, they might come from a different background.”

What do you think? Are you happy that there will be two presenters on the X Factor USA now?

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