X Factor Audience Hurl Abuse At Cheryl And Louis Walsh And Claim The Show Is Fixed

X Factor judges, Cheryl and Louis Walsh, were booed and screamed at on Sunday, after confusing the audience with their decision-making process at bootcamp.

The new format saw six chairs for each of the four categories, and acts could audition more than once, being brought on and off stage until all of the six chairs were filled.

But the 5,000 strong audience soon lost patience with the show’s format and began to boo and scream abuse before one act had even finished performing.

The crowd were so rowdy that X Factor compere and warm up man Ian Royce was forced to interrupt the filming to tell them to “give them a chance,” adding “what you are doing is vile”.

But the audience only settled for a short while, after becoming incensed with Louis Walsh’s decision to put through a comedy duo, ‘Blonde Electric’, instead of some more talented groups.

The veteran judge was subjected to boos and screams, with some audience members reportedly walking out in protest, claiming the show was a “fix”.

Louis and Cheryl were screamed abused at by the audience (Instagram/Cheryl) 

And Ian was forced to take to the stage once more, saying, “This act don’t deserve that booing, this is there opportunity so you give them the same respect you’ve given every other act tonight.

“This is their big moment make sure you give it to them!”

But the audience soon grew tired of Louis and Cheryl’s fickle process, and grew suspicious after the producers were seen talking to the judges before any decisions were made.

One member of the audience, Daz Gale, took to Twitter to voice his frustrations, saying “The X Factor is a total fix. Both Cheryl and Louis have now “changed their minds” (been told) and let a novelty act replace a genuine act.”

However, an X Factor source strongly denied the fixing claims, telling The Daily Record, “The judges make the final decision on who they take through to their judges houses.

“With such strong talent across the categories and with decisions having to be made on the spot after acts have performed it’s not unexpected that the judges on occasion changed their minds.

“The judges don’t wear earpieces so producers do talk to the judges at the desk throughout filming and in these instances the judges spoke to production about the fact they wanted to change their minds.”