X Factor ’12: Robbie Hance Quits X Factor?

Boot Camp hit our screens tonight in the first of The X Factor’s double bill. And the nerves were showing in many of the contestants.

Following a cut of 1/3 of the contestants before singing had begun, the remaining acts were set the challenge of performing in a “battle.” The solo artists were put into teams of 3 and groups were paired up, all with an aim of out-singing each other. And boy did the fights get ugly!

There were cat-fights, behind the back talking, tears and tantrums. First up we saw Jahmene Douglas struggle with Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. The Asda worker wowed judges in his first audition with Etta James’ ‘At Last’ however didn’t impress so much with his boot camp attempt.

Before the group, including Jae Walters and Craig Colley, began Jahmene admitted he had struggled to learn the lyrics – and it showed. He forgot his words and stumbled in places, leading to some pitching issues. Following the performance Jae was let through whilst Craig was sent home, leaving the judges to deliver Jahmene’s fate.

Gary told Jahmene that “based on today’s audition” he would be going home however out of all the auditions Jahmene was the best. And it was this that won Jahmene his place in the second day of boot camp.

We also saw the inventor of “Beer Fear”, Lucy Spraggan take to the stage – however this time without her guitar. Her group, comprising of Farrah and Jessica Beckett, also opted for Moves Like Jagger. Without her guitar Nicole told Lucy she looked a bit “awkward” and Lucy herself admitted that the performance wasn’t great.

Farrah and Jessica didn’t make it through but Nicole told Lucy that she had survived another round of the grueling process. Lucy came off stage and described the performance as “horrendous” and “horrible.”

But the biggest downfall of the night seems to lie with Robbie Hance, the homeless guitar player from the last week of auditions. Robbie was teamed up with Jake Quickenden and Adam Burridge, who were seen telling the camera before they went on stage, that they hadn’t had much time to prepare as a group, because Robbie kept disappearing.

And the lack of preparation showed. The group sang “How to Save a Life” by The Fray and Robbie opened the song but failed to hit his words. He also got the words wrong on his second verse, leaving him angry and upset.

The guitar player, mid-song, calmly waved at the judges and put his microphone on the floor, leaving Adam and Jake to continue alone. They both got through. Robbie said “there’s no point waiting around for someone to tell you you’re not going to go through,” before walking off into the distance.

So who did we think was worst tonight? And are there any winners beginning to show?