WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kirsten Dunst And Viggo Mortensen As Couple With Dark Secrets In The Two Faces Of January

Kirsten Dunst joins up with Viggo Mortensen in what promises to be a tense thriller, The Two Faces of January.

Set in 1962, Kirsten stars as Viggo’s younger wife (Collette MacFarland), while Viggo plays the charismatic Chester. The couple head to Athens on a European vacation and they come across Rydal, played by Oscar Isaac, as a Greek-speaking American, who becomes besotted by Collette as well as the couple’s wealth.

After going to dinner with the couple, Rydal realises that not is all that it seems and Chester’s affable exterior actually hides darker secrets.

Events lead Rydal to become caught up in Chester’s wrongdoings and finds himself compromised as an accomplice.

Check out our exclusive stills from The Two Faces of January, released on May 16.