Woman Urinates On High Street In Northampton Infront Of Horrified Shoppers

And the award for most disgusting moment of perhaps the year goes to the woman who decided to urniated on a busy shopping street on Thursday in full gaze of shoppers in Northampton.

The police are said to be hunting the woman for indecently exposing herself as she defecated on the busy high street. Shocked onlookers took pictures, which soon found their way to Facebook and Twitter.

A police spokesperson said on the matter: “We received a call from a member of the public who was offended by a woman urinating in Abington Street, Northampton on Thursday and are working to identify her.

“CCTV is being analysed to try to find out who she is. “At this stage it is unclear as to whether any action will be taken should she be identified.”

That’s pretty much the most disgusting thing we’ve heard all week!