Will Kate Middleton And Prince William Turn Their Back On The Public Following Topless Photos?

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are reportedly feeling the strain following the topless photo scandal that recently rocked the royal couple and long to be a “normal couple”.

Intimate pictures of the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge on holiday were taken during a trip to Provence, France at the start of September and were later published in French Closer magazine with five other magazines following.

The pictures show an unaware Kate sunbathing topless on a chateau balcony and were labelled as “grotesque” by the royal couple who are now taking legal action against the magazine and photographer through the French courts.

Prince William is said to have taken the incident as a time to reflect on his position and that of his wife Kate, who has become the most famous woman in the world since becoming his wife last year.

A source told Now magazine: “Wills tends to deal with difficult situations really well. But this time he’s not only furious, the [scandal is] making him very reflective…”

The source claims William, who has had a strained relationship with the press, especially after his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash while being persued by photographers in 1997 is envious of his cousin Zara Phillips’ low key life

“He looks at his cousins Peter Phillips and his sister Zara and envies the way they’re able to live their lives with ease,” the source explained.

“He hates the way everything he does is publicised. Kate can see how stressed he is with the situation.”

The couple were on their Diamond Jubilee Tour to South East Asia when the scandal broke and after returning to the UK last week are reportedly at their Anglesey farmhouse. The couple have been living their since before they were married and live quietly in North Wales, with little disruption.

“It’s always been their bolthole,” the insider added. “But how long that will stay that way remains to be seen.”

Prince William is expected to make a decision on his RAF career as a Search and Rescue pilot at the end of the year.

He will have to decided whether to carry on in his job or take on a full time public role as a royal, which will no doubt give the couple even less privacy.