Will Chris Brown Be Out Of Rehab For Valentine’s Day With Karrueche Tran?

Time really does fly in the celebworld and it appears that Chris Brown’s 90 day stint in rehab for anger issues will soon be up. The Don’t Wake Me Up star was ordered to undertake a three month treatment by the judge in his probation case on November 21.

Brown went directly to a Malibu facility from his court appearance and has only left once to attend a toy rally in December, which was approved by his rehab centre. If he’s released exactly 90 days after the judge’s ruling that means he’ll finish his treatment on February 19, five days after Valentine’s Day. So could he come out early to surprise girlfriend Karrueche Tran?

We’re sure the duo will spend the loved up day together, wherever they are. The dedicated designer has supported her man through his recent legal woes and celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s with him in rehab.

But what does the future hold for the couple, once Chris leaves rehab? Babies perhaps as the designer revealed recently she’s hoping to start a family before she hits 30, which only leaves the 25 year-old a few years.

“Realistically, maybe in a few years. Definitely before I’m 30. I want to have kids before I’m 30. That’s kind of hitting it, getting too old,” Karrueche said in an interview with Montreality.

We think babies could be arriving before then though, after Tran posted a pic of herself and a baby claiming she needed time with the tot again soon.

But could she be having babies with Brown? The couple have been inseperable over the last few months ever since the Beautiful People singer split from Rihanna. The star and Tran were embroiled in a love triangle with the Diamonds singer for over a year, however that appears to have ended since RiRi and Chris’ brief relationship ended after just five month.

Claiming Chris is more romantic than you might think, Tran went on in the interview to reveal the star’s softer side.

“He’s bought me a lot of valuable things, but one time he set up a little, special dinner for us,” Karrueche revealed.

“I like to do things like that; that are a little bit more intimate and personal. Stuff that money can’t buy.”