Wife Sharing – Get Your Facts & Stories Straight

Wife sharing is not a very popular and common concept but if you look into the principle of it, it has logical foundations. It something that resides in the realm of wild stories of people you don’t know, but you hardly every get true accounts from friends & family. Is it something for you and your wife? Read what you need to know before making such a decision.

The world has become less and less conservative in its views about everything but there are still certain beliefs and practices that are taboo up to this time. One of which is having sexual relationships outside of marriage. Should a husband be caught sleeping with another person not his wife, he will earn the wrath of his family and society. Same goes for the wife in similar situations. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of people to do what they want to do despite the consequences. Right or wrong, if people want to do it, they will go ahead and do it.

In comes the concept of wife sharing. With wife sharing, a couple can freely have relationships with the blessing of both parties. They can pursue the thrills of it with the active or passive involvement of their spouses. Thus, it is critical to openly communicate about this between husband and wife. Through open communication, both the husband and the wife will understand each other’s opinion and view on the matter. Some husbands are surprised to know that some wives are open to it.

Here are some reasons why wife sharing is a good idea.

Eliminate the concept of being unfaithful – cheating is gone

Cheating is an age-old concept. Time and again, relationships are destroyed because of it. Some people cheat simply because of boredom. And sleeping with someone else brings back the thrill in sex. Nothing is more hurtful than being cheated on. But if you have the consent of your partner, there is no need to cheat and this eliminates the hurtful feelings that coming along with it. Also, when a partner knows that he or she has options to make his or her sex life more exciting, it makes him or her a better partner. However, make sure you remain completely transparant – even when permission is given, you should always be completely honest about what you are doing, and who are you are doing it with. Clear Rules are a must.

When people feel satisfied, they usually become better people

For newlyweds, sex is exciting and a way to discover things about your spouse. But for couples who have been married for a long time, sex can become burdensome. Especially when the husband comes home tired and cannot sexually please his wife or feel burdened to do so. With wife sharing, another man can fill that need of the wife for sexual pleasure that the husband cannot fulfill. When a wife is allowed to enjoy this arrangement to the full, she will end up loving you more. Also, we have heard multiple stories of men who say that sharing their wife with another men or friends, actually did wonders for their own love life, and transformed their wives in their own bedroom.

Communication is key – prepare to start talking to each other again – really talking

Share your stories with your partner - communication is powerful

One key ingredient to the success and long-staying power of a marriage is healthy communication. Without communication, the relationship erodes and the very foundation is destroyed. To pursue wife sharing is to pursue and promote open communication between you and your spouse. You should be able to tell your wife how you view wife sharing, your position as her husband and lover, your secret fantasies and fetishes, and your feelings. Being able to do so will make your relationship stronger and happier. It is quite important to be very honest when you communicate with your spouse.

Don’t get a disease from a secret lover

People usually get STIs from unsafe sex and multiple partners. But because wife sharing is consensual, you will feel freer to talk about how to protect your sexual partners. Having an open discussion will allow everyone to think things through thoroughly. Discussing preventive measures to avoid STIs and even getting pregnant will breed trust. And knowing that you think about their health, it will make every party involved feel at ease about the situation more.

Considering this probably means you are openminded, but chances are you will even broaden your scope

As time passes, people think out of the box more and learn how to be open to everything and anything. In order to survive, it is key to accept things that happen to you and to take everything all in stride. Wife sharing pushes both spouses in having an open mind. It is not possible to enter into this arrangement without having an open mind. When you have an open mind about major issues, minor issues or petty things will no longer matter. But because wife sharing is such a big step, you should take things one step at a time. Take baby steps if you will. Rushing into things always spells disaster. So don’t rush into this arrangement.

The biggest bonus: Your love may intensify.

When a partner feels restricted in a relationship, it breeds discontent, boredom, and rebellion. But when there is freedom, it breeds trust and satisfaction. With wife sharing, because your wife is free to have sexual relations, it will satisfy her desires. When a wife is satisfied, she will become happy. And a happy wife leads to a happy life. When a wife is happy with her husband, she looks for ways to show and demonstrate her love. It may be in the form of service, in spending quality time with you, in giving you gifts, in showering you with compliments and assuring you of her love for you, and/or through her physical touch.

Trust is key – it will be tested, and hopefully grow

Trust is key and you cannot do this without it

Trust is a big word often used in relationships but often misunderstood and misused. Without trust, along with open communication, it is impossible for a marriage to last. And without trust, it is impossible to make wife sharing work. Trust has to be evident in a marriage before venturing into wife sharing. Trust will ensure that the wife will be responsible enough as she has sexual relations with another man. Trust will give husband peace as his wife sleeps with another man. Trust will hold the marriage together. Is there not enough trust, then this was quite the test to prove this is not something for you.

Get to know yourself – your deepest desires and insecurities

Marriage is a wonderful institution. Having a loving husband and a loving wife is heaven on earth. And both spouses should help each other grow and they should grow together. However, there may be times when both of you wish to pursue things independently. You may be into physical fitness but your wife is not. She may be into reading books but it is not your thing. By letting your wife have free reign to pursue her interests, you get to have time for yourself to pursue your own interests too. When your interests are satisfied, there is self-fulfillment. When you are fulfilled, you feel happy and you will be much better company. Through wife sharing, if you cannot attend to your wife as you enjoy your hobbies, someone else can take care of business for you.

Reap unexpected benefits!

When your wife is happy, she is more likely to tolerate and forgive you for your shortcomings. And her happiness may be related to her sexual fulfillment. If she is sexually unfulfilled, expect arguments left and right. But if she is, there will be peace in the home. Encourage her to talk about her sexual fantasies. Many women have them, more than they would care to admit. You just have to gently pry it out of her. If you are able to fulfill them, well and good. If not, let someone step in and take care of it for you. Either way, it will be a win-win situation for you.

Wife sharing is a fairly new concept and might rub people the wrong way. It may be the answer to salvage a marriage, it may be the trigger to destroy one. What is important is that you and your spouse have an open discussion about it and see if it will the answer you are looking for the bring back the life into your marriage.