Why Is James Bond Being Killed Off In ‘Skyfall’ Trailer?

One of the big shocks in the new trailer for the new James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ will have been 007 plummeting to his death, with Judi Dench’s M writing an obituary for the secret agent.

Of course, it’s strongly hinted that Bond doesn’t die, with Ralph Fiennes’ character Gareth Mallory asking Bond why he doesn’t stay dead.

Those looking for an indication as to exactly why writers have decided to kill off the iconic character, need look no further than the history of Bond himself. It’s not the first time the secret agent has been bumped off for the sake of a mission.

The trailer hints that Bond returns under even deeper cover. This is a tactic Bond used in 1967’s ‘You Only Live Twice’. In order to throw his and Britain’s enemies off the scent of Bond, he fakes his death, even being buried at sea, just as Bond is seen in the new trailer sprawling in water.

It’s not the first time that particular film’s plot points have been borrowed, the later plot of the film heavily influenced Pierce Brosnan Bond movie ‘GoldenEye’, similarly including a sattelite with the capability of wrecking the world controlled from beneath a mountainous lake. Strangely enough, the villain in that film Alec Trevelyan fooled Bond by pretending to be dead.

The reason behind this ruse is perhaps due to the nature of this current group of Bond films; if they don’t know Bond is on their tail by now, two films in, the bad guys behind the Quantum organisation would be barely worth the name. Not only that, but if Javier Bardem was out to get us, on the evidence of ‘No Country For Old Men’, faking death would be a smart move.

We also saw in the previous movie that people within the government may well be involved with the mysterious criminal conspiracies. It may be advantageous to let them think that they’ve won the battle, only to return stronger and more determined.

It certainly worked for Sean Connery in 1967, we can’t wait to find out if the ploy has the same effect in 2012 for Daniel Craig.

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