Why Did The Internet Explode Over Barack Obama Wearing A Tan Suit?

President Barack Obama called the nation’s media for an important press conference yesterday to address the serious issues in relation to a possible ISIS attack and the crisis in Syria, but it appears – judging by Twitter’s outrageous reaction – that all anyone could actually think was: “Why is the president wearing a tan suit?”

The POTUS held a televised conference from the White House yesterday where he addressed concerns over how, you know, the US could potentially be in danger of terrorism, but who needs an update on world issues when Obama makes a fashion faux pas?!

That’s right, Obama stepped out towards the podium wearing a tan – or it beige or taupe? – ill-fitting suit which made him appear more cruise ship singer than the most powerful man in the world. Guess Big O’s still in holiday mode, right?

Naturally, Twitter exploded and the reactions were priceless. Check out some of the best below:

(Oh, and did we mention that ‘The Suit’ has now been given its own Twitter account? No, really, check out all its musings @tan_suit. You’re welcome)

Yes You Tan! (Twitter)