What Will Justin Bieber Say? Selena Gomez Spotted Kissing Another Man!

Justin Bieber should probably look away now, as photos have emerged of the ‘love of his life’ Selena Gomez kissing another man. Whaaat?!

The former Disney star was pictured kissing fellow actor Nat Wolff yesterday (August 10) and we have a feeling that Bieber won’t be happy when the images pop up on his computer screen. However, we’ve been assured that there is nothing to worry about as Selena was simply filming a scene for upcoming movie ‘Parental Guidance.’ PHEW!

We bet Nat wasn’t complaining, as he got to enjoy one of the many perks of having an acting job, as he leant in to give Biebs’ girlfriend a smooch. And we can’t blame him, Selena’s looking hot at the moment!

The forthcoming film is an adaptation of ‘While I’m Dead…Feed The Dog’ which was written by Ric Browde and includes some rather romantic scenes by the looks of it.

We wonder what Biebs has to say about this?

Meanwhile, the young lovebirds, who often have to deal with long distances as they push their careers in music and movies, made the most of their time together last week, as they headed to the Living Room Lounge at the W Hollywood and looked more loved up than ever – getting rid of any break-up rumours once and for all!

A source told People magazine that the pair “looked very much in love as they held hands at a front-row table,” before they “left discreetly around midnight through a back exit.”

All together now – awwww!