‘We Still Don’t Have A Name’: Peter Andre Opens Up On Life With His New Baby Girl

Peter Andre has confirmed that he and Emily MacDonagh have yet to name their new baby girl, despite welcoming her into the world nearly three weeks ago!

The TV star and his girlfriend dashed to Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset earlier this month, which is where the 24-year-old’s father works, with Pete by Emily’s side for the birth of his third child.

The pair are currently spending some time with Emily’s parents at their Somerset home, which will allow the brunette to settle into motherhood, Pete meanwhile has returned to work this week, keeping his fans up to date on his new ventures and family life.

While they enjoy some time with their baby girl, the couple seem in no hurry to name their daughter.

In a new video for his fans on Sunday, the dad of three confirmed the couple are still coming up with that all important name, especially since her nickname is a real “tongue twister”.

Answering a question as to whether his daughter Princess is excited to have a little sister, Pete told his fans: “Pringles is absolutely obsessed with her sister. Now at this point, we still do not have a name so she’s known as Bista’s sister, Bista being Princess’ nickname”.

“For anyone that doesn’t know, we call her Bista because when Junior was younger he couldn’t say sister. So we call her Bista’s sister. Could be a bit of a tongue twister that!”