WATCH: Paloma Faith Reveals New Video For ’30 Minute Love Affair’

Paloma Faith has revealed her new music video for next single ’30 Minute Love Affair’ online which is set to be the second track to be released off the singer’s recent chart-topping album Fall To Grace.

The video sees the ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ star performing the track in an underground strip show. Standard. She then proceeds to disappear from the stage in order to have an intense relationship with her piano player. Very Paloma-esque!

Faith explained to Digital Spy that ’30 Minute Love Affair’ is about an encounter she had with a busker in London’s Leicester Square when she was just 14.

“I asked him if he’d be there the next day and he said he would,” she said. “When I went back he was gone, and I’ve never forgotten it.”

The track is set to be released in the UK on August 12.

Check out Paloma Faith’s new vid for ’30 Minute Love Affair’ below:

Meanwhile, Paloma Faith has revealed that she hopes to have children as soon as possible. The currently-single star has said that although she doesn’t believe in marriage or religion, she would like to start a family very soon.

”There’ll be no magazine wedding from me. I think it’s unrealistic,” she told Marie Claire.

“I’d actually rather that somebody came home to me forever because they wanted to, not because they’d signed a piece of paper.”

”I do want children – as soon as possible. In fact I call my new album Fall to Grace my ‘nesting’ album. I do believe in all that stuff. I just don’t believe in marriage or religion really. I just think it feels like a trap.”

Oo, could we be seeing a mini Paloma anytime soon??