WATCH: Madonna Breaks Down On Stage During MDNA Tour

Madonna has had some ups and downs over the past few weeks and it all seemed to come to a head during her recent concert when the singer broke down on stage.

The singer was performing in Berlin on Saturday (June 30) as part of her MDNA world tour when she became emotional during track ‘Like a Virgin’.

Madonna, dressed in a sexy number, sang a slowed-down version of the song when she stopped to cry.

However, Madonna being the performer that she is redeemed herself as concert-goers cheered her on to finish the song.

The singer has continued to shock on her current MDNA tour as the 53-year-old flashed her bum to fans during her recent Rome gig.

The ‘Gimme Your Luvin’ star performed at the Stadio Olimpico in the Italian capital, where she chose to flash the flesh during her performance of the 1995 hit ‘Human Nature’.

This latest move came just days after fans criticised the singer for exposing one of her nipples during the same song.