WATCH: Lady Gaga Says New Album Will ‘Lack Maturity’

WATCH: Lady Gaga Says New Album Will 'Lack Maturity'

Photo: WENN

Lady Gaga has teased her ‘Little Monsters’ once again, hinting that her eagerly-awaited next album will ‘lack maturity’ or a ‘sense of responsibility’. But will the singer be able to top the massive success of ‘Born This Way’?

The ‘Marry The Night’ singer is currently wowing thousands of dedicated fans on her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour and gave the brief hint while performing in Perth yesterday (July 8).

During an interlude, GaGa addressed the crowd: “Let’s just say I feel, I feel that when I wrote Born This Way, I demonstrated a sense of maturity.”

“And I feel that, on the next album, there’s a lack of maturity, it’s a tremendous lack of maturity or sense of responsibility.”

Meanwhile, has taken to Twitter once again, this time to congratulate ‘Someone Like You’ singer Adele on the wonderful news that she is expecting her first child.

Calling the star “gorgeous”, Lady Gaga tweeted: “Anyone hear the sigh of relief emitted by popstars worldwide when Adele announced her pregnancy? #ThatsTheTruthTea Congratulations gorgeous!”

A massive congrats from us too, Adele!