(WATCH) Game Of Thrones: What Happens When Ayra Stark Tries To Stab The Hound?

A trailer for the new episode of Game Of Thrones has been released and boy are fans in for a treat.

With Kingslanding in her sights, Daenerys is a girl on a mission as she questions whether she’d be able to “take over Kingslanding”.

But the episode won’t just be about Daenerys and her quest for power as Tommen – King Joffrey’s youNger brother – will be seen being crowned.

In a montage of scenes showing baby-faced Tommen having the crown put on his head, Twyin’s voice is heard saying:

“As one stone crumbles, another one takes its place.”

While Ayra looks as if she’s set to come to blows with The Hound as she’s seen trying to drive a sword into his gut. What will happen to her?

Check out the latest trailer!

Meanwhile, fans have praised Lady Olenna when they found out that she and Littlefinger killed King Joffrey.

One fan tweeted: “How good was Game of Thrones tonight? Lady Olenna = BAD ASS”, whilst another fan of the HBO drama posted on the social networking site: “Lady Olenna is such a boss #GameOfThrones”.

“They don’t call her #QueenOfThorns for nothing! Nice Lady Olenna, nice. #GameOfThrones #Oathkeeper”, commented another fan of the drama.

Admitting to being fearful of Lady Olenna who is played by Diana Rigg, another viewer tweeted: “@GameOfThrones I admire and am also a lot scared of Lady Olenna #baddestb***hofall.”

“LADY OLENNA MY HERO. #GameOfThrones”, added another user of the social networking site.