WATCH: Billy Crystal And Jimmy Fallon Laugh Over Funny Memories Of Robin Williams

Last month, the world was rocked with the sad news that Robin Williams had passed away. Soon after his death, fans, celebrities and his friends paid tribute to the talented actor. And on Thursday night, both Billy Crystal and chat show host Jimmy Fallon shared their funniest memories of the iconic star.

Having commended Billy on his eulogy for Robin at the Emmy awards, Jimmy shared his favourite memory of the star: “We were going to D.C. You were getting the Kennedy Centre honours and we were all on the one bus and it was the funniest bus I’ve been on”, before he reeled off a list of stars including Danny DeVito who were also on the bus.

He then went on to say: “We were driving through – and before we get to the Kennedy centre, they have a dog come over. It’s a bomb sniffing dog and Robin goes: ‘I hope there’s no copies of my movies on this bus’.”

Going on to gush about Robin, Billy shared: “He had the biggest set of balls…on the stage. He was fearless and that’s what I loved about him so much and his commitment to the comedy was outstanding.”

Check out Billy and Jimmy recall their funniest memories of Robin below: