Wasted Tara Reid Smashes Into Motorbike

Tara Reid ain’t exactly well known for her classy behaviour, and on a recent trip to St. Tropez she’s done nothing to change people’s opinions on her excessive partying.

She and a friend crashed into a parked motorbike while charging along a street in glamorous St. Tropez after hitting a bar. The drunken pair landed with their backsides in the air, unable to get back up without help from passing strangers.

TMZ managed to film the aftermath of the fall, and it makes for emabrassing watching. The ‘American Pie’ actress is famous for her outrageous drinking habits, and has been in rehab for alcohol addiction.

She completed a 60 day stint at the famous Promises Treatment Facility in Malibu back in 2009, but it seems to have done nothing to help her.

Several people tried to help Tara off the floor, but she appeared to refuse to move before eventually hauling herself up. We bet St. Tropez is glad to have her to stay…

She showed herself up in London recently on a night out, too…

Wind swept Tara Reid leaves Zuma Restaurant in Knightsbridge, London (WENN)