Was Kristen Stewart Seduced By Rupert Sanders’ Power?

Kristen Stewart recently referred to herself as a “miserable c**t” in an interview, causing a former co-worker of Rupert Sanders – the married director with whom she had an affair – to raise the issue of whether Sanders has irreperably damaged KStew’s self-esteem.

We’ve all seen the pictures of the affair, we’ve heard Kristen’s very public apology and we’ve watched her become the most hated woman in Hollywood as Twihards slammed her for breaking Robert Pattinson’s heart.

But has anybody considered the damaging effects of Kristen’s affair on the actress herself?

Apparently so! A former co-worker of Rupert Sanders’ has explained to Hollywood Life that he fears the director’s “huge ego” has had a damagaing effect on Kristen’s self-esteem:

“I don’t see what Kristen Stewart saw in Rupert. I don’t see what Liberty [Ross] sees in him (or saw in him). When I worked with him on commercials, he constantly used foul language, saying words like ‘c**t’ and making crude jokes. He treated the people who worked beneath him like crap. He has a huge, huge ego.”

“When I heard that Kristen recently described herself as ‘a miserable c**t’, I immediately thought of Rupert and the impact he must have had on her. It’s disturbing and weird that a beautiful, successful young woman would use this word to describe herself.”

The source continued to reveal that he thought Kristen, young and naive as she is, was seduced by Rupert’s power:

“All I can say is Rupert is not a nice person, he is crude and thinks the world revolves around him. Maybe Kristen was taken with his power?”

Maybe. We guess we’ll never know now…