Dad Shaves Off Beard During Peek-A-Boo, Completely Terrifies Baby Daughter

This is possibly the most harrowing game of peek-a-boo we’ve ever seen. As if someone going missing only to pop up in front of you wasn’t traumatic enough, this adorable baby had to grapple with the fact she was pretty sure this was not dad. It was actually dad, the crafty father had just shaved off his facial fuzz mid-game meaning his daughter had no idea who he was when he reappeared.

So not only did she not know where dad had gone, now there was this complete stranger staring at her, no wonder the little one looks so terrified.

The mum and dad wanted to see their daughter’s reaction, but we doubt they thought it would be so hilarious and viral-worthy. After being posted online the video racked up 2 million views seriously quickly, who knew a shave would prove so terrifying.

We think she was trying to tell her dad he looked way better with a beard.