Viewers Complain Over James Corden & Jack Whitehall’s ‘Big Fat Quiz’ Gags, But Newspaper Accused Of ‘Manufacturing Outrage’

If you’re easily offended by cheeky satirical humour, The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year probably isn’t the sort of TV show you’d settle down to watch on a Sunday night.

But apparently that hasn’t stopped a handful particularly offended viewers from complaining to Ofcom over jokes made by Jack Whitehall and James Corden in the 2012 edition of the annual panel show.

The Daily Mail has dramatically voiced its disgust over the broadcast, screened on Sunday night (December 30), which showed the two comedians becoming increasingly drunk as the show progressed, making crude jokes about Queen Elizabeth II, Susan Boyle and President Barack Obama.

When asked what Obama admitted to doing in his office (the answer was watching Homeland), the cheeky duo quipped that he “put a condom on and had a posh w**k”.

A spokesman for Channel 4 told the paper: “Big Fat Quiz Of The Year is a well-established comedic and satirical review of the year’s events with well-known guests and is broadcast after the watershed with appropriate warnings.”

A rep for Corden added: “James would never want to offend anyone and is sorry if his comments have been taken out of the context they were made in.”

But, according to Huffington Post, the Mail has come under intense scrutiny online and from critics for “manufacturing outrage” over the incident.

Apparently only THREE viewers have actually complained to Ofcom.