VIDEO: Watch Out Kanye West! Kim Kardashian Fancies Dynamo The Magician!

There’s no doubt that magician Dynamo could keep the ladies hooked on his mind boggling magic tricks, but it seems that even celebrities after the British magician as he’s claimed that Kim Kardashian wanted to know his relationship status after wowing her with his tricks.

Having admitted to performing magic for Kim, the magician was asked by Entertainmentwise’s Georgie Barrat if he used his magic to seduce her, to which he replied:

“Well she did ask me if I was married after. But they’re a but crazy, aren’t they?”

Whilst Kim may have been seduced by Dynamo’s magic (why else would she ask if he was married?), the talented magician confessed that it’s not his card tricks, walking on water or unbelievable mind tricks that gets women chasing him.

“I’d like to think that I don’t need to use my magic to impress the ladies,” he said.

Watch our interview with Dynamo above!