Video: Stevie Wonder Sings At Whitney Houston Funeral

Stevie Wonder, close friend of Whitney Houston, sang a specially reworked version of ‘Ribbon In The Sky’ and ‘Love’s In Need’ at her funeral…

Stevie Wonder was clearly very moved to be performing at the funeral of Whitney, a woman he had considered to be one of his closest and fondest friends.

He told mourners how grateful he was to have been able to know the ‘I Will Always Love You’ star and admitted the true depths of his feelings:

“I want to thank God for allowing me to be in this world at the same time as Whitney… In my fantasy world I had a little crush on her, I think everyone did,”

Fittingly, he selected one of Whitney’s favourite songs for the service with a specially reworked version of ‘Ribbon in the Sky’; it was an emotional performance and one that touched many in the congregation.

Listen to Stevie Wonder’s musical tribute to Whitney Houston