VIDEO: Lady GaGa Flashes Her Lady Garden During Extremely Raunchy Show At G-A-Y

As if a surprise appearance wasn’t enough, Lady GaGa gave her fans even more than they expected at a recent G-A-Y show by flashing her privates on stage.

The singer, over in London to promote her new album ARTPOP, hitched up her dress and dropped her knickers during the high energy performance on Saturday of new single ‘Venus’ at the famous club, to wild cheers from the crowd.

Lady Gaga in London yesterday (WENN)

The explicit move probably came as a complete surprise to the the crowd, despite Gaga racking up a number of near-nude appearances during the promotional lead up to the release of ARTPOP. Just two days ago the star pulled the same shock tactic, greeting fans in Berlin wearing a sheer lace dress with no underwear.

Gaga carried on her nude weekend by sporting a latex bikini on the X Factor, where she also publicly ended her feud with judge Sharon Osbourne with an embrace. The pair had previously clashed after GaGa accused Sharon’s daughter Kelly of being a bully.

David Phillips from Windsor wrote about Gaga’s surprise performance: “The day culminated in a very unexpected performance by Lady Gaga at Heaven this eve. I shared her aura, three people from the front. She’s nuts and she showed her m***e, but worst of all, she nicked my taxi! Oh Gaga.”

The following day he appeared to still be in shock, as he wrote: “To be honest, I still can’t believe I saw Gaga’s f****e last night.”