‘Very Excited For These Next Few Months’: Ariana Grande Confirms New Album Is Done!

Ariana Grande had some great news for her fans on Monday. The singer confirmed that she has finally finished her second album, which will be released in the coming months.

The singer was quick to retweet her manager Scooter Braun’s tweet in which he announced that the album had been completed.

“hooollllllyyyyyy shhh******tttttt @arianagrande. I think this album is done,” he tweeted on Monday.

Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards in January (Apega/WENN.com)

Scooter Braun is most popularly known as Justin Bieber’s manager. Feeling excited about his tweet, Ariana decided to give the fans an update of her own.

“Great meeting tonight 🙂 very excited for these next few months & for you all to hear some new music,” she wrote and then added “and by some I mean a lot.”

Her first single off of her new album is called ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ and it will be released in the spring. They have not yet confirmed when the entire album will be released yet however.

Ariana Grande had a lot of success last year when she released her debut single The Way, which went on to sell two million copies in the US.