‘Very Emotional’: One Direction Take Fans Behind The Scenes Of ‘Story Of My Life’ Music Video (WATCH)

One Direction have given fans a closer look at the intricate making of the music video for their latest single ‘Story Of My Life’ and it seems the group became a little “emotional” while taking fans on the journey of the childhood.

The music video, which premiered last month, shows Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan film scenes with their family as they attempt to recreate special moments from their younger years, all taken from photos of their precious memories with the help of director Ben Winston who also worked on the visuals for their last single ‘Best Song Ever.’

One Direction in the ‘Story Of My Life’ music video (Packshot)

Speaking about the inspiration behind the video, Ben says in the candid behind the scenes clip: “The fans know so much about the boys but in a way we’re sort of just revealing that little bit more, we’re showing quite intimate moments the people haven’t seen before, recreating some photos that the boys had from when they were kids.”

Liam, 20, added of the process: “Everything’s got to be spot on, they’re using the old pictures of us from when we were kids over the monitor for them to line us up correctly and get us all in the right place.”

Zayn also joked about the tricks and techniques used to keep the boys and their families in the perfect positions for the snaps, quipping: “I do all my own stunts, I’m not wearing a string.” Crediting the crew on their dedication to perfecting the visuals, Harry said of the thousands of photos lined up on the wall in one group scene: “An insane amount of work has gone into getting them all up.”

Liam got rather sentimental looking back at all the photos from their childhoods, explaining: “It’s quite nice to look at everyone else’s photos actually from when everyone else was a little kid. We’re all doing the same thing so technically we’ve lived our lives in sync,” later summing up: “Very emotional, bit of a tear.”

Zayn with his baby sis in the music video (Packshot)

Director Ben added: “We were building the set from about five days before, six or seven thousand photographs all of the boys.

“To see how people change over a generation and whatever happens to you, however successful you become, you’re still from the same place and I think that in a way that is the story of their life.”

Watch One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life’ behind the scenes below…

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One Direction surrounded by photos from their childhood in the Story Of My Life music video (Packshot)