Vanessa Hudgens: ‘I’m In Love With Angelina Jolie!’

The High School Musical star gushes about her idol…

It looks like Zac Efron has tough competition for the affections of Vanessa Hudgens – in the form of Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie. 

In an upcoming interview, the High School Musical star – who has been dating her Zac for three years – confesses that she is completely mesmerized by Angelina.

“I’m in love with Angelina Jolie,” she tells the May issue of Selfmagazine.

She adds, “Everything she does, I adore.”

Vanessa also admits that she can see herself taking on the same sort of ass-kicking roles as Angie, who has a starred in a string of action films such as Wanted.

“I’d like to do an action film where I could kick someone’s ass,” she reveals.

“I want to be strong and empowered. I want to shock everybody.”